8 Natural Ways To Heal Back Problems Through Food, Massage, Exercise And Yoga

by in Health, Natural Cures, Other, Pain Management January 23, 2017

Back pain seems to be a serious issue all around the world! While people are encouraged to take pharmaceuticals to cure their back pain, they should actually be avoiding them altogether. The big Pharma companies are poisoning people all around the world, so here is what you can do instead.

It is no doubt that the Pharmaceutical industries are feeding us poisons. They claim that their pills are the solution to all of our health issues, but they actually might be causing them. In fact, out of the 20.5 million Americans that are 12 and older with a substance abuse problem, 2 million of them had a direct issue with prescription pain medications, and 591,000 had a substance abuse problem with heroin.

It is time to take a stand against the corporate greed of the pharma companies. Thankfully, mother nature had it all planned out from the beginning! There are several different natural methods of relieving that horrible back pain. Here are 12 of them!

  1. Get More Restorative Sleep, By Posturing Correctly While Sleeping

Having back pain can make sleeping impossible at times, however, sleep is necessary for your body to heal, and repair itself for the following day. Understanding how to position yourself while sleeping will make a world of a difference the next day.

Here is a guide to position yourself correctly for a good nights sleep.

  1. Use Hot/Cold to Alleviate the Pain

Hot and cold therapies is a timeless pain relief method. Each provides their own benefits, but both can be quite useful when experiencing bouts of back pain.

Cold Therapy- Works as an anesthetic of sorts as it slows down nerve impulses that cause excruciating pain to radiate through the back. Cold therapies also aid in reducing inflammation.

Hot Therapy- Heat actually prevents pain messages from being transmitted to the brain. It also stimulates blood flow which causes healing nutrients to travel to the affected area.

  1. Stretching to Relieve Pain

Stretching can be quite beneficial when you are attempting to find relief from horrible back pain. There are a variety of stretches that were created and put together for the exact purpose of back pain relief, and often times these stretches can even cure the pain. Here are a few that work wonders for a variety of different forms of back pain.

  1. Improve Your Posture to Avoid Back Pain

Posture is how we carry ourselves while standing, sitting, sleeping, and doing any task in our day to day lives. When our posture is good, our back is aligned, and each vertebrae works efficiently. However, when we hold ourselves in bad posture, we can put too much weight or strain on certain muscles and bones, which leads to intense back pain.

Posture can easily be improved by use of a number of exercises. Harvard Health lists these four amazing exercises that should bring improvement quickly.

  1. Get Massages as needed.

Properly massaging the muscles of your back when they need it is crucial. It would be best to ask your therapist which massage would be best for you depending on what type of pain you’re dealing with. Our back muscles become irritated when we engage the lower body in something and leave the upper body still. These massages will keep your back pain away and help relax you at the end of your night.

  1. Keep your stress levels low.

Keeping your stress levels low will reduce your back pain and help you in a big way when it comes to mental health as well. When you are stressed your body sends out a fight or flight response, by eliminating stress you are going to be able to reduce your pain levels. People who are overly anxious and stressed tend to deal with more pain.


  1. Add curcumin into your daily life.


Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory and can relieve minor back pain with no issue. It is a spice that should be readily available in your home. Curcumin can also be used for a wide variety of things besides back pain. Things like preventing Alzheimer’s, counteracting aging, and combating cancer stem cells. For information on how to use this spice for back pain please watch the video below.

  1. Meditate often to reduce pain.

Minimal meditation has actually been found to reduce pain drastically. A person’s perception of pain can be reduced dramatically within just a few short sessions. This does not eliminate the pain but it does change the way you perceive it. It will actually be able to give you long lasting results.