The Dark Side of Empaths

by in Other January 23, 2017

Empaths are people whom we generally consider the healers of the world. These people see the different energies of the world as well as feeling them.

Empaths feel what other people feel. This is amazing, yes, but it is also hard to deal with sometimes. Because of this gift empaths are relied on by others for support. They do their best to handle these things all the while being very stressed. Empaths stress much more than you would think. If you’re not an empath you may not quite understand.

Empaths have two conflicting voices inside of there being one is feeling good while the other is feeling bad. They are constantly being torn between the positive and the negative. Empaths deal with being overwhelmed almost every single day.

Empaths deal with a terrible dark side that you may not often hear about or notice as they put on a great show for others. They are constantly being fatigued from the energies they are absorbing. Their generosity and kindness is something that puts them in the position to be taken advantage of time and time again. These empaths always give and rarely take. They are always ready to show kindness to those who need it.

Being selfless in a world like this is a burden, to say the least, but it is a weight that these empaths rarely even notice. They carry this weight because it is meaningful to them. They would not dare let the weight fall onto someone else. Empaths would willingly neglect their body and mind for the sake of someone else. We need to do our best to let those empaths in our lives know that we appreciate them and never take advantage of their kindness.

Just because someone appears fine does not mean they are. Everyone is going through something. We should be aware of the struggles others go through and do our best to help them without hurting ourselves. If you know someone like this take the time to thank them for all that they do.