You Need to STOP Eating Nutella for THESE Disturbing Reasons!

by in Food, Health June 18, 2016

We all love Nutella, right? Even though it taste delicious it actually is not good for us at all.

You may even suffer long-term health issues if you eat Nutella on a regular day to day basis. How crazy is that? The ingredient list might not look too bad starting off with things like sugar, milk, cocoa, and hazelnuts but the issue there is that these things are overly processed to the point where they are no longer healthy to us. Nutella is also not made with the soy we are used to, it is made from a soy that is non-fermented and causes our body to have a hard time digesting it. Not to mention just a couple tablespoons of Nutella contain 200 calories! If you’re like me two tablespoons is definitely not a stopping point.

Even Worse Ingredients:

Nutella also contains several other bad ingredients such as:

  • Vanillin (Low quality sweetener imitation vanilla)
  • MSG
  • Palm oil (Hard to digest and can cause toxicity to your heart, liver, and lungs.)

What Do I Do About This?

Replace Nutella with a healthier alternative of course. You can even make your own homemade Nutella that tastes just as good and is actually healthy! Watch the video below for a recipe on that!