Perform This Simple MASSAGE Every Night And Your BELLY FAT Will Disappear!

by in Natural Cures June 18, 2016

Both men and women alike struggle with pesky belly fat and that little bit of extra bulge around the midsection can be a source of insecurity for many. And in some cases, it could be indicative of more serious health issues.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of belly fat such as having a poor diet full of processed foods and sugar, age, stressful life, and insufficient sleep. You can find a solution by identifying the problem, but in some cases even if you have a proper diet and exercise regularly, the belly fat won’t disappear.

Stored fat serves several different purposes. It protects your internal organs. It provides a ready form of energy in cases of famine, and it protects the body from certain toxins. But once too much fat is accumulated you start putting your body at risk for certain diseases like; heart disease, respiratory issues, and diabetes among other things.

The trick to losing excess fat is to create ways for your body to burn the fat as fuel by producing an energy deficit between the foods you eat and the calories you burn. Exercise can help, of course, it raises the body’s energy requirements and firms up the muscles. However, in the instance that your body is experiencing toxic build-up or your dietary habits are not that great, fat loss can come about slowly or not at all.

What can you do? Chinese Abdominal Massage:

According to Dr. Stephen Chang, performing a two-minute massage technique can provide a form of internal exercise that cleanses and detoxifies in order to melt away fat. This massage technique combines different types of exercises to improve the digestive system while maximizing the body’s ability to detox and eliminate waste.

Benefits can Include:

  • Melting adipose tissue
  • Improving digestive efficiency
  • Detoxing the intestines
  • Improving constipation
  • Stimulating the organs in the abdominal region
  • Improves circulation
  • Helping with conditions like nausea, vomiting, and indigestion.

How you can do it:

  • Lie flat on your back on a firm surface.
  • Warm up your hands by rubbing them together until they feel hot.
  • Place one hand flat on your belly button.
  • Begin rubbing in circular motions around your belly button, gradually widening the circles using a firm pressure. Each circle should take 1-2 seconds.
  • Focus on the heat, which builds up in your abdominal region as you rub.
  • Perform for two minutes, about 40-50 circles. Be sure to keep your stomach warm during the exercise.

Caution: Do not perform the Chinese medicine massage technique immediately after a heavy meal, or if you are pregnant, suffering from inflammation of feminine organs, have stones of the kidneys, bladder or gallbladder, or have high blood pressure, a hernia, intestinal or stomach ulcers or internal bleeding.

Perform twice daily for the best results.