How A 70 Year Old Woman Who Went Sugar Free 28 Years Ago Looks Like Today

by in Health June 8, 2017

The food we are surrounded by today is extremely unhealthy and can cause a world of health issues. They very well might be the primary reason we are all suffering from so many detrimental diseases.

The food that we are surrounded by is own and controlled by greedy, money hungry CEO’s. They replace any nutritional value with cheaper toxic ingredients. Because they pack our food full with these toxic chemicals disease is on the rise, and their pharmaceutical brothers enjoy the business. All in all, in the modern day world if you want to be healthier you are going to need to refrain from these toxic ingredients completely, like 70 year old Carolyn Hartz did.

Carolyn Hartz is a 70 year old woman who has refrained from eating processed sugar for almost 30 years! She says that she used to be completely addicted to sugar, like many other Americans. The processed sugar in our food can become easily addictive, and ruin your health in the blink of an eye. Many people are starting to become awake to the poisonous foods we are eating and the dangerous medications were being prescribed. Because of this, we are starting to see the real effects of not eating processed sugar. Take Carolyn for example; she is 70 years old and has a glowing complexion, firm skin, dark long hair, and is in excellent health. It’s as if she consumed a youthful potion, when all she did was cut sugar out of her diet.

According to Mrs. Hartz, “while it may be ‘a little more difficult’ to stay in shape for women post 40, it can still be possible if you really want to work at it”. ” she said. “I believe it is very important to be aware of the type of food you eat and the quantity of food you eat. Being mindful while you are eating is a huge factor. Mindless eating can lead to unnecessary weight gain. I say to my customers ‘taste and enjoy every mouthful’… it will help you slow down and you will be less likely to overeat.”

Ever since the 1970’s food has taken a turn for the worse. It causes a multitude of health issues for us and processed sugar is among the most malevolent. Processed sugar comes from high fructose corn syrup, and it metabolizes differently than glucose. Fructose falls onto your liver and it is quickly converted into fat. This can cause severe health issues as well as obesity.

Getting healthier and living a longer and fuller life is as easy as switching to organic ingredients and taking care of your body. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients in your food, it is most likely not going to be good for you. How did Mrs. Hartz do it? “I have been sugar free for 28 years. It was difficult at first as I was a sugar addict but I believe it is one of the most important reasons I have been able to keep myself healthy and keep my body shape.

I make sure I eat protein with every meal especially breakfast. It stops the cravings.” She says. Like all dietary physicians and experts would also recommend reducing portion sizes. It can have a better effect than you think. You don’t have to deprive yourself of the food you love, just refrain from the ones filled with processed sugar and preservatives!