9 Best Exercises To Get Rid of Cellulite For Good

by in Natural Cures May 9, 2017

While every single human soul is beautiful, and no person should ever try and change their bodies for the judgement of others. However, there are a few beauty flaws that drive people crazy – and cellulite is one of the worst.

Cellulite is horrible. It makes you feel extremely insecure over the parts of your body that are affected, and can ruin summer fun! Nobody is really comfortable with wearing a bikini when you have cellulite, however there are ways to get rid of it! Before you start to question it, no this is no ad for some anti-cellulite cream. This is the real deal, the natural way to finally eliminate cellulite.

These are the 9 best exercises for getting rid of cellulite. Do these everyday, and you can kiss your cellulite thighs goodbye. You’ll be looking better than ever!

Clockwork Lunge

Apart from growing your butt, these lunges can also help in getting rid of the cellulite from your booty. Stand straight with hands on your hips and feet slightly kept apart. Now, stretch your right leg forward, with left leg touching the ground flat. Return to basic standing position and switch the leg.

Butt Bridge

Lie flat on the floor with the hands on your sides and knees slightly bent. Make sure that your feet are placed around the shoulder width. Next, pushing with your heels, try to lift up your hips from the ground. While doing so, you should keep your back straight. Breathe out while lifting up and breathe in as you return to the lying position.

Clamshell Exercise

While lying on your side on the floor, put your other hand on the hip and raise basin and buttocks, by holding the ankles together. Spread your legs and hold in that position for 10 seconds (or as long as you can) and return to the initial position.

Single Leg Squat

Stand with your back straight and stretch your hands in front of your chest area. Now, raise your left leg at 30 degrees and try to bring down your buttocks to the floor slowly. Return back to the initial position at the same pace. Try to perform at least 3 sets of 10 exercises each, on both the legs.

Squat Jumps

Keeping your back straight, sit with hands on your head & feet kept apart. Then, jump up and get back to the starting position. Perform this at least 3 sets of fifteen exercises.

Cardiovascular Training

Cardio exercises are excellent for getting rid of cellulite. They increase your heart rate and metabolism. Try to practice cardio routine for at least 3 weeks continuously to see noticeable results. Step aerobics are specifically excellent in this area.

Step Ups

To do this properly, throw together an aerobic step or create your own. Just make sure you are stepping up at least 1-2 feet in the air. Holding 10-20 pound dumbbells at your sides, keep your chest out, back straight and step up with your right foot. Bring your left foot to meet the right then step down and repeat.

Scissor Press

Lie on your back and loosely tie your band just above your knees. Extend both legs straight up in the air, over your hips. Spread your legs wide enough that the band becomes taut. From this position, slowly open your legs wider until the tension of the band becomes too strong to continue doing so. Pause for 3 seconds at this point, then release and repeat.


Jump up, softly land on your feet and deep squat down until you can touch the ground with your hands. At this point, you will jump your feet back into a plank position. Give yourself a quick push up then jump your feet back in towards your hands and spring upwards. Just be aware of your back when you jump down into your plank, you want to keep it strong and straight. Repeat 3 sets of 15 burpees.