The Real Truth About Microwaves Everyone Ignores

by in Food, Video February 27, 2017

Studies have shown that microwaves are harmful towards our health, why are we still using them?

Microwaves are able to heat our food because they alternate currents and force atoms to reverse their magnetic charge. They produce friction and vibrate the water within the food molecules in order to make it warmer. Inside of any microwave oven, there are about 2.45 billion hertz, this is all fine and dandy as long as your microwave oven is properly sealed and not leaking. It only takes 10 hertz to harm a person’s body. You will not know you are being damaged until long after it has been done.

Microwave ovens can cause:

  • Cancer
  • Cataracts
  • Lowered resistance to bacterial and viral infections
  • Birth defects
  • Weakened immune system

Microwaves break down chemicals and molecular bonds in our foods. They deplete our meals of the nutrients we need and radiation from the microwave deforms the food’s molecules. In a study from 1992, the effects of participants that consume microwaved veggies were assessed and they experienced things like rapidly increasing cholesterol levels, a decrease in white blood cells, and a decrease in hemoglobin. This doesn’t stop there, though, they also found that microwaved breast milk loses around 96 percent of its antibodies. 

Now you may be thinking your safe as long as your microwave is sealed properly, wrong. You are safe from the hertz (allegedly) but not from the harmful levels of the electromagnetic fields. EMF can be absorbed by human bodies. According to the EPA, we should limit our exposure to EMF to anywhere from .5mG to 2.5mG, however, if you stand even four inches away from your microwave oven while using it you are being exposed to 100-500mG of EMF. Microwaves are extremely dangerous and should not be in our homes. It is scary how long they have been allowed. I suggest you either get rid of yours or try not to use it often.

If you think microwaves are not dangerous even after reading this information please take the time to watch the video below it will go into much more detail on these things. Please be aware of this very real threat. Your health is important, don’t let convenience kill you.