New Vaccines Will Permanently Alter Human DNA

by in Health, Video February 27, 2017

These new vaccines are actually very different than our usual vaccines. They will be altering our DNA.

Yes, you read that correctly, these new vaccines will be altering our DNA. They have been created by scientists at Scripps Research Institute and are considered to be an artificial antibody. One that once in the blood grab hold of the virus (depending on which one it is being aimed at) and inactivate it. This sounds neat, right? Not so much. This is being called Immunoprophylaxis by gene transfer or I.G.T for short. Human trials for this are already underway.

This type of ‘vaccine’ isn’t really considered a vaccine at all. It is being referred to as a type of gene therapy and is where scientists isolate the genes that will produce powerful antibodies against certain diseases and then they synthesize and artificial version. These genes are then placed into viruses and injected into human tissue. The virus then invades human cells with their DNA payloads and the synthetic gene then incorporates itself into the recipient’s own DNA. If you have a working brain this is something that will cause alarm, would you allow something in your body that is going to alter your DNA?

Could you imagine all of the terrible things we would be injected with if this actually becomes legal for use? We would be the ultimate guinea pigs for whatever the government wants to do to us. With vaccines that permanently alter human genetics well on their way and the secrecy, we deal with on a daily basis from our government we have reason to be on edge. For more information on these Frankenstein synthetic DNA vaccines please watch the video below.