Telomeres, The Key to Longevity, Show Food May be The Best Anti-Aging Treatment

by in Beauty February 9, 2017

Anti-aging products sell like hotcakes! The global anti-aging market will actually be worth about two hundred billion dollars in 2019.

Sure, there are tons of products on how to keep our skin from aging but what about our organs or our bones? What about keeping our bodies young not just our skin? Is there a way to do this? We actually might! We are constantly learning more and more each and every day. The things we eat can affect the way our ‘clock of aging’ ticks.

Telomeres are a key part of the aging process. They protect our DNA by acting as buffers at the ends of all of our chromosomes. These can be compared to the little plastic caps on the ends of our shoelaces. Studies have actually shown that people with long telomeres live healthier longer lives than those with short telomeres.


We also have something known as telomerase which is an enzyme. It is able to rebuild telomeres and keep DNA from fraying. One study done, published in the European Journal of Nutrition looked at diets rich in carotenoids and telomere length. The study concluded that the food rich in carotenoids were linked with longer telomeres. This meaning what you eat determines the length of your telomeres. Plant-based diets have proven to be most effective when hoping to achieve longer telomeres. 

By implementing the proper diet we can also slow down our TOR. This is another enzyme that suppressed the immune system and when it comes to aging makes you age much quicker than you should. All of the information we have in this world is enough to keep everyone alive and well for a long time. If you want to look and feel younger on the inside and outside then I highly suggest a diet change. Plant-based foods will do more good for you and your health than I could ever hope to explain.