This Ancient Plant is Scientifically Proven to Rebuild Your Brain & Extend Lifespan

by in Health February 6, 2017

This plant is one of the best! It is something that can benefit you in almost every way.

This medicinal plant is known as Ashwagandha, and is sometimes referred to as Indian ginseng as well as winter cherry. It positively impacts literally almost every single system in the body. Ashwagandha is something that ancient Hindu holy men considered one of the finest herbal medicines known to man.

Scientific studies have even managed to demonstrate clearly that this amazing medicinal plant can extend lifespans in mice. This suggests similar effects in most mammals, the plant was also able to reduce center types of cancer cell growth in humans. A study done in India recently consisting of cell studies showed that Ashwagandha extract is able to disrupt cancer cells ability to reproduce depending on the type of cancer.

On top of all of that Ashwagandha is known for being able to stimulate one’s immune system as well as do things like increase white blood cells and elevate levels of superoxide. It is also extremely beneficial to our brains, endocrine systems, and nervous systems. See, as mentioned above it benefits almost all parts of the body.

Ashwagandha’s Positive Effects

  • Relieve stress, anxiety, and boost your mood
  • Regenerate nerve cells as well as dendrite growth throughout the brain
  • Treat insomnia
  • Increase acetylcholine in the brain (improve memory)
  • Increase sexual vitality
  • Balance your hormones

That is just naming a few. When it comes to things like this organic fresh plant will have the highest levels of medicinal compounds so as always organic is best. It comes in a variety of forms and can be obtained in capsules, liquid extract, powder, and tablets. Any dosage of this is safe however it is recommended that you start at a low dosage and work your way up.