Dietary Changes Now Proven to Effectively Treat Major Depression

by in Food, Health February 6, 2017

Depression is something that affects more than fifteen million people here in America. It has been estimated that around ten percent of the American population has resorted to taking some sort of antidepressants.

Treating your problems is fine but doing it the wrong way is never the answer. There are a lot of problems associated with antidepressants. These things include addiction, unfavorable side-effects, and costs. Some of these antidepressants actually have an increased risk of suicide.

Sure, these pills may help with the short-term depression issues but when it comes to curing depression pharmaceuticals are not the way.  One study recently conducted by Deakin University in Australia has shown that major depression can actually be cured with the right changes in a person’s diet. In this study, researchers looked at adults who were suffering from major depression and evaluated their progress with specific dietary changes over about a three month period. This revealed which types of foods helped with depression the most.

“The dietary group received information and assistance to improve the quality of their current diets, with a focus on increasing the consumption of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, fish, lean red meats, olive oil and nuts, while reducing their consumption of unhealthy ‘extras’ foods, such as sweets, refined cereals, fried food, fast-food, processed meats and sugary drinks.”

By taking control of your body you will be able to combat depression properly. In addition to the study done at Deakin University connecting the quality of one’s diet to treating depression, a scientific link has been found between depression and inflammation in the body. This is quite interesting because inflammation can be influenced heavily by the foods in which we consume.

It is very important that we do our best to try natural alternatives to things. Would you prefer eating healthily over popping pills? I know I would. If you are dealing with depression issues and either cannot afford medication or do not wish to deal with the terrible side effects of antidepressants then a diet change is what you need.