This Oil Stops Cancer Growth, According to Reseach

by in Video January 22, 2017

People are dying from cancer in large numbers, it is truly a disastrous disease, to say the least.

Mother nature has provided us with many effective natural remedies to this, and we need to start using them. It has been proven time and time again that chemotherapy and radiation treatment is not the way to do things. The cancer industry is all about making money off of the sick, not improving their health.

One of the most amazing cancer cures is cannabis oil. There are many different instances that can be reflected on when it comes to cannabis oil and cancer. Researchers at the University of Madrid actually researched the positive effect cannabis has on malignant brain tumors. They found that cannabis was able to kill the cancer cells and boost the immune system of the patients. The THC in this was actually able to eliminate cell apoptosis from all living cells that had any sort of irregular DNK or growth, all the while not affecting the healthy cells.

Cannabis oil soothes aches and pains, treats anxiety, and can be used for just about anything. When it comes to treating cancer a person only needs about 60ml of cannabis oil a day. Dr. Christina Sanchez from the University of Madrid has seen the effects of this and swears by it.

When it comes to curing cancer we are taking root in the methods that do not work, and trying to dismiss the ones that do. Cannabis oil destroys malignant cells when it comes to brain cancer and can work wonders on a number of other cancers as well. For more information on the study mentioned above please take the time to watch the video below.