Only 2 Ingredients and The Pores on Your Face Will Disappear Forever!

by in DIY January 22, 2017

Of course, those of us who have oily skin seem to have large pores. This is something we have always dealt with and for some of us, it is a nightmare.

Luckily there are several home remedies that can work wonders on this issue. If you’re interested in reducing the size of your pores you have come to the right place. Follow the recipes below and your face will be looking better in no time.

Pore Reducing Remedy



  • Put the egg whites and the lemon juice together in a cup.
  • Make this thick and pasty.
  • Apply it to your face, make sure to get the areas affected the most.
  • Leave this on for thirty whole minutes.
  • Rinse your face with cool water after the time has ran out.

This mask will remove any dead skin cells or extra oils you may have clogging your pores. Thus making your pores smaller and tightened. It really is that easy. You can do this a few times a week or as needed.

Almond and Lemon Juice Mask



  • Soak a handful of almonds in some water overnight.
  • Once you wake up grind them.
  • Make sure you grind them into a fine paste.
  • Add in about two teaspoons of lemon juice and mix it well.
  • Apply this to your face and leave it on for about thirty minutes.
  • Once done rinse your face off with cool water.

Water and Baking Soda Pore Minimizer

For this one, all you need is water and baking soda. Chances are you probably already have baking soda lying around somewhere. This is one of my favorites! See demonstration below.

Homemade Pore Strips

This one does call for gelatin but if you notice in the video she recommends a vegan alternative to that. This one is inexpensive and works wonders.

If you have tried store bought pore reducers and still gone without seeing results it is time to try one of these. These remedies are healthy and fun. You will see results quickly and be much healthier overall. Give these homemade pore reducers a try.