In Case of A Heart Attack You Only Have 10 Seconds to Save Your Life! Here Is What You Do (Video)

by in Video January 11, 2017

Many of us are not aware of the things that need to be done during a heart attack. This could easily save your life.

When experiencing a heart attack most people panic. Most people are only aware of what is happening for a short amount of time before fading into unconsciousness. These few seconds are the only change we have at doing something to help ourselves.

When someone is experiencing a heart attack they should do everything they can to cough as deeply as possible. The deep exhalation through this ensures that your lungs are being oxygenated continually. The pressure being caused by the coughing can also stimulate the heart into maintaining circulation. Doing this can give vital support while waiting for medical professionals to arrive.

Do not hesitate to cough when having a heart attack and please be sure to share this information with friends and family. It just might save someone’s life! For a full explanation on how to fully mitigate the damage caused by a heart attack through this cough technique please watch the video below.