6 Most Powerful Natural Antibiotics Known to Mankind

by in Health, Natural Cures, Uncategorized January 11, 2017

In modern day times, we need antibiotics to combat certain diseases and pathogens. The discovery of Penicillin led to the cure for many bacterial infections that were once deadly! Learn how to use 5 of the most powerful antibiotics!

Antibiotics work by affecting things that bacterial cells have, but human cells do not. It kills invading bacteria in the body. The antibiotic penicillin works by keeping a bacterium from building a cell wall. Bacteria and human cells also differ in the structure of their cell membranes and the machinery they use to build proteins or copy DNA. Some antibiotics dissolve the membrane of just bacterial cells. Antibiotics are natural, and that is the best part! But which ones are best to use?

Antibiotics can fight bacteria, fungi, and some parasites, but not viruses. That’s why doctors won’t prescribe you antibiotics for a viral infection or flu. In the same way, you shouldn’t attempt to use natural antibiotics to fight viruses. Some of these natural antibiotics are natural antibacterials too. They are used against salmonella, pylori, ear infections, or E. Coli.

The most powerful Antibacterials:

Raw Honey
Garlic Extract
Habanero Peppers

Antifungals are used to fight against fungus infections such as thrush, yeast infections, athlete’s foot, etc. They are found to effectively fight against Candida Albicans too.

The most powerful AntiFungals:

4.) Apple Cider Vinegar
5.) Oregano Oil
6.) Echinacea root extract