You Can Actually Use Coca Cola And Pepsi As A Pesticide, So Why Are We Still Drinking This Stuff?!

by in Health, Other, Video December 5, 2016

Someone has recently brought forth information stating that Coca-Cola and Pepsi products are being used as pesticides in India by the farmers. Could this help to show just how terrible these sodas are for our health?

The Center for Science and Environment is one of the main agencies in India claiming that the soft drinks being produced there contain extremely high pesticide levels. So high that they decided to use them as just that. In some third world countries, it is actually cheaper to buy Coke than to get clean water. How awful does that sound?

The farmers who have used Coke and Pepsi products as pesticides have actually successfully protected their rice plantations. This replacement is said to have become so popular that the sale of the drink itself increased tremendously in almost all villages. Replacing pesticides with soda appeared to work quite well.

While some argue that the sugar and syrup in the sodas will attract red ants and these red ants will feed on the insects meaning that the sodas work in a different way than pesticides it is clear that these farmers are thriving. If you look at it from that point of view then the sodas here in the United States would be far more effective if used as pesticides. This is because sodas here in the US have a much higher fructose corn syrup amount than those of India.

For more information on this please watch the video below. Maybe this summer you should try putting Coke on your plants rather than seven dust? Who knows, could come out with a nice garden and a little more cash in your pocket. Should we really be drinking soda?