EPA Raises Radioactive Limits In Drinking Water Guaranteeing Widespread Cancers

by in Health September 16, 2016

The EPA literally wants us to die. This has been shown time and time again by them.

The EPA makes it known that they want us dead by these poorly regulated toxic herbicides they are spraying on all the things we eat allowing carcinogenetic substances into our environments. Their latest display of hatred for the people here in America was announced earlier this month. The agency plans to raise the allowable amount of radioactivity in our drinking water. Increasing the amount by at least 3,000! This new limit is the equivalent of receiving over 250 chest x-rays in one year! This is done in what seems a plot to cause even more cancer!

This is going to likely lead to the death of millions of people The EPA needs to hear from the people they are poisoning if you have something you would like to let them know please give them a call and let them know how upset you are about this issue: 800-426-4791 For more information on this please click here for the full article on the EPA’s website. This is not the first time this level has been raised and it is not something that should be happening.