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Tyson Foods Now Listed as Bigger Polluter than US Department of Defense, Koch Industries, and Exxon Mobile

by in Environment December 25, 2016

Tyson Foods has quite the reputation for the animal abuse that transpires within its facilities that are used to provide chicken, eggs, and other products. However, the madness doesn’t stop there either, as they have now been deemed the worst corporate polluter on the planet. For years, Tyson’s atrocious practices have been revealed in numerous […]

Navajo Water Supply is More Horrific than Flint, But No One Cares Because they’re Native American

by in Health February 20, 2016

The news out of Flint, Michigan brought the issue of contaminated drinking water into sharp focus, as it was revealed that officials at every level—local, state and federal—knew about lead-poisoned water for months but did nothing to address the problem. Under state-run systems like utilities and roads, poorer communities are the last to receive attention […]