Starve Cancer To Death By Removing This One Thing From Your Diet

by in Food, Health, Video September 15, 2016

Cancer rates have been rapidly rising throughout the years here lately and it seems there are many factors causing this. Things such as our environments, the foods we eat, and our emotions.

It seems food plays the largest role. Everything you eat is what helps your body to thrive or not to thrive if you’re not eating the right things. By cutting this out of your diet you will allow your body to become significantly more healthy. Cancer is fueled by sugar. It has been known that cancer and sugar go hand in hand ever since the 1920s. Yet, for some reason many doctors don’t take the time to tell their patients this and they continue eating overly processed foods. That causes them more difficulty in fighting off their disease.

One very smart German Psychologist (who also happens to be a biochemist and medical doctor) Otto Heinrich Warburg found that as it seems you can technically starve cancer out of your body. Not in all cases as some are worse than others but yes in some cases it seems you actually can. This is a very big game changer. The theory this doctor came up with was that malignant cells and tumor growth was caused by cells that are generating energy via adenosine triphosphate (ATO).

This is said to happen through a non-oxidative breakdown of glucose also known as sugar. This is considered the recycling of metabolite a process called glycolysis and the circulation of adhA caused anaerobic respiration. You see this is the exact opposite of what happens with healthy cells. Healthy non-cancerous cells generate energy for the body to use through the oxidative breakdown of pyruvate. This lead the doctor to conclude that cancer is really what should be considered a mitochondrial dysfunction. If you remove the sugar from the body it should not develop cancer. Sounds pretty accurate right?

Removing sugar is a lot easier said than done though. The obvious culprits like cakes, cookies, and such are easy but when you get into things like cereal, yogurt, and breads things seem to be a little more complicated. The easiest way to get rid of unwanted refined sugars is to stop buying pre-packaged foods, No eating out, and increase your intake of plant based healthy proteins. Nothing is ever too hard. This can be done no matter how hard it may seem.