The Oil That Can Cure Migraines, Depression, Anxiety, & Even Cancer!

by in Health, Natural Cures, Video August 25, 2016

Frankincense oil is said to be the king of oils and it definitely deserves this title. This oil has a very long history of being used as a prized essential oil.

This oil was used historically by many in religious ceremonies. Frankincense is taken from Boswellias by extracting through the bark of the tree. The white sap hardens to a resin and is then is scraped off of the tree in pear shaped droplets. the quality and even color of the resin varies from the highest quality being clear and silvery to the lowest being brown or yellow mostly.

This oil is widely used today as an essential oil and is useful for many different things. You can use Frankincense for things like;

  • Help heal wounds (things like cuts and scrapes)
  • Neurological support (this oil can help with the function of the central nervous system and allow you to think more clearly)
  • Fade and reduce scars ( apply directly to your skin mixed with coconut oil)
  • Reduce stress ( rub a few drops on the back of your neck when you feel stressed)
  • Aging skin
  • Congestion ( Put this oil in a sink or bowl filled with hot water and under a towel contain the steam and breathe it in)
  • Head tension
  • Joint pain and swelling ( rub this oil on aching joints to reduce pain and swelling)
  • Promote sleep
  • Oral health (using this oil can prevent bad breathe toothaches and cavities)

For more on the benefits of this amazing oil watch the video below. You will be blown away!