Growing Young: 6 Powerful Exercises for Initiating DNA Repair and Cellular Rejuvenation

by in Health August 4, 2017

“At the genesis of this growth of cells, self-correction is insured by the wavy strands of molecular intelligence held tight unwinding and letting go only after perfection is created.”

  • Christopher Vaughan, How Life Begins


According to Smithsonian Magazine, the human body is made up of 37.2 trillion cells! Each day cells within the body divide, splitting the pair strands of DNA that include our genetic makeup, the map that dictates who we are, genetically. Each of these strands is then copied, letter by letter, creating an identical partner, carrying over your genetic plan.

There are times that this process of copying information does not work perfectly, and small mistakes are made. Information may be copied over incorrectly or missing entirely. These are referred to as mutations. Damage can also be caused by a number of other causes, such as oxidative stress within the body, DNA strand breaks, hydrolytic damage and more.

While our cells are usually incredibly accurate, it is estimated that at least a thousand errors occur within our cells each day. The body is, however, prepared to deal with these mistakes, working to repair the cells whenever possible. Those that can’t be repaired will suffer a traumatic or cytotoxic death. This means that the cell basically explodes within the body, releasing its contents, which can, in turn, be damaging to the neighboring tissues.

There are steps that we can take to help encourage and promote quicker, more accurate DNA repair. Try these 6 exercises to naturally initiate DNA repair and cellular rejuvenation within your own body:


#1 – Healing Energy: Basic Posture, Standing Home Alignment

Within your body, you possess a number of strong and powerful energies that can work either for or against you. This exercise works to focus that energy on healing the body, specifically on healing the mutations within your genetic structure.

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and parallel to one another, firmly on a solid surface. Picture roots reaching from the soles of your feet into the ground beneath you. To allow yourself to find your most solid, rooted position you can rock back and forth, side to side on your feet until such time that you feel grounded.
  2. Bend your knees slightly and tuck your butt under your hips. Allow your shoulders to drop and relax with your arms hanging by your side. Rest your tongue up behind your teeth, against the roof of your mouth. Hold your head straight with your chin parallel to the floor. Picture a golden cord running up through the ground, along your spine, up through your head and into the heavens.
  3. Another option when using the Standing Home position includes bending your elbows and placing them loosely by the sides of your waist. Allow your open hands to face one another, palms equal at a level that rests just below your belly button. This is called the Standing Stake.


#2 – Visualization: Eliminating Unhealthy Cells

This is a 4-step exercise that will use the power of visualization in order to help encourage your body to work toward eliminating damaged or unhealthy cells.

  1. Find a calm, quiet, peaceful place and allow yourself to fully relax. Focus on your breathing, letting go of any thoughts outside of just being in the moment. Allow yourself to feel each spot on your body as it touches the chair, the floor, or anything else you may be in contact with.
  2. If you know that there are mutated cells within your body at this time, such as cancer cells, allow yourself to imagine what these cells would look like. This is your interpretation, there is no wrong image.
  3. Imagine something that has the power to eliminate these cells entirely. This may take the form of a vacuum cleaner, removing the cells like one would dust mites from your home, or a trap of some form.
  4. Once you have pictured all of the abnormal cells being removed from your body, focus your attention on healthy tissue, imagining it moving into the spaces left by the unhealthy cells. As you feel your body healing from the process, begin to focus once more on your breathing, come back to the present moment.


#3 – Healing Energy: Energy Wash

This energy wash not only brings about a healing energy to the body, but it also works to rid the body of negative energies and stresses, both of which cause DNA mutation and cellular damage.

  1. Stand in the Standing Home alignment as described above, with your arms loose at your sides. Raise your arms, bending your elbows slightly, palms facing up and fingertips pointing away from the body. As you raise your hands higher, inhale until your hands are directly above your head.
  2. Turn your palms to face one another with your elbows still softly bent. Pause for a moment and allow yourself to exhale while picturing a healing energy extending from the heavens down over your body. Hold this position for as long as you feel necessary to receive this energy.
  3. When you are ready, inhale slowly as you turn your palms downwards once again and slowly lower your hands along your body. Picture the movement of your hands moving the healing energy down through the body, reaching each individual cell. If at any time you feel as if the energy is struggling to reach one part of your body, keep your hands there for a longer period of time, focusing the energy until this area clears up.


#4 – Healing Energy: Gathering and Storing the Qi

It is important anytime that you complete an energy exercise that you take the time to close the circuits within the body or gather the Qi.

  1. Stand in the Standing Home position and cup your hands in front of your belly. Slowly reaching behind and around you as you widen your stance gathering your energy in a circular embrace around your body.
  2. Holding your hands back in front of your body again, embrace the energy. Press your palms closer to your body creating an upside down V with your hands. Remain in this pose, relaxed. This will help to direct the energy.
  3. Feel the energy moving around you, and into your body, replenishing and healing your cells. Treat this as a standing meditation.


#5 – Visualization: Repair and Cover Up

Another visualization exercise, rather than picture damaged cells being removed from the body, this 4-step exercise focuses instead on repairing the tissues within the body. It works by imagining the body working to repair the damaged cells, returning them to their healthy state.

  1. Find a calm, quiet, peaceful place and allow yourself to fully relax. Focus on your breathing, letting go of any thoughts outside of just being in the moment. Allow yourself to feel each spot on your body as it touches the chair, the floor, or anything else you may be in contact with.
  2. Picture the DNA pairs, spirals within your body, all perfectly matching up. As you picture these DNA pairs, if you come across any errors, picture them being corrected, once again perfectly matching one another. Allow your subconscious to develop how these corrections are processed, much like in the other visualization exercise.
  3. In an effort to provide increased protection moving forward, imagine the healthy DNA spirals being covered safely by an ‘armor’ of new proteins, hiding them from anything that may cause damage to their makeup.
  4. As you reach the point that all the necessary corrections have been made, and your healthy DNA is safe and protected, focus once again on your breathing.


#6 – Healing Energy: Balancing Yin and Yang

The balance of the energy within your body is an important component to healing. For optimal health and performance, you need to have a comfortable balance between the right and left hemispheres of the brain., which will, in turn, allow the energies within your body to flow properly, healing any damage which may occur.

  1. Begin in the Standing Home posture. Bring your right hand in front of your belly with the palm facing downward and the elbow comfortably bent. Leave your left hand still resting by your side, palm down.
  2. Slowly begin to raise both arms simultaneously. Your right hand will rise along the midline of the body while your left arm will raise out to the side. Continue this movement until both arms are fully extended above your head, palms facing one another. Allow yourself to pause in this position, focusing on your breathing.
  3. Turn your palms downward and allow yourself to slowly lower your arms, switching their position. This means that the right arm will extend out to the side while the left palm follows the body’s midline.
  4. Repeat this sequence three times on each side, or until you feel as though you have completed the exercise and your body is feeling balanced.