Microwave Ovens Don’t Just Nuke Your Food They Nuke Your Heart

by in Food, Health July 24, 2017

If you are health conscious you probably won’t use a microwave too often. Many people have faded away from the convenience of a microwave oven because of the dangerous health risks they pose. 

Microwave ovens not only nuke our food and destroy any nutritional value that it has, but it is also having a seriously negative effect on your heart. Typical microwave frequency radiation from the microwave in an average American kitchen puts off more than enough radiation to affect your heart rate and heart rate variability. Just 2.4 GHz can cause immediate and drastic changes to your heart. The shocking part is that 2.4Ghz is the average frequency given out by your WiFi router and microwave ovens.

Dr. Magda Havas of Trent University studied the effects of microwaving your food for some time now, and according to him, people exposed to radiation for just three minutes at 2.4Ghz can experience severe reactions in heart changes and altered heart rate variations – including an alarm response to stress. This is also called electrohypersensitivity (EHS), or rapid aging syndrome. It has been studied for multiple decades, and this response includes heart palpitations, clumping of red blood cells, and fluctuations of the parasympathetic nervous system typical of a fight or flight response.

Many people over the years have claimed that microwave ovens do not produce any immediate biological effects because the ordinary household level is so far below the federal guidelines. However, in the modern day world, there are more sources of environmental radiation like electromagnetic devices, WiFi routers, laptops, and cell phones.

“This is the first study that documents immediate and dramatic changes in both heart rate and heart rate variability caused by an approved device that generates microwaves at levels well below (0.3 percent) federal guidelines in both Canada and the United States.”

Just like chemotherapy, the Nazi’s invented microwave ovens during world war II. They created a device to provide mobile food support for their troops when they invaded the Soviet Union. Russia later banned the ovens when they figured out how dangerous they were, but of course not the United States.

Dr. Hans Ulrich Hertel was one of the first food scientists to study the effects of microwaves on the blood and physiology of human beings. He and his biochemistry expert partners concluded that microwaves resulted in negative health effects. They reported that they can cause higher cholesterol levels, decreased numbers of red blood cells, decreased hemoglobin levels and decreased numbers of leukocytes.

The extra fifteen minutes in the oven might be the better idea in order to avoid major health complications. You’re not just nuking your food, you’re nuking your blood, brain, and disturbing your heart rate. Doesn’t sound as convenient anymore, does it?