You Probably Think Those Are Just Ladybugs In Your House, The Truth Is Much More Dangerous

by in Environment July 6, 2017

Ladybugs are less than harmless. They’re actually thought of to be a sign of good luck! Everyone can appreciate the gentleness of a ladybug but don’t get them confused with Asian lady beetles.

Multicolored Asian lady beetles are not at all the same as ladybugs. While a lady bug infestation might become a little annoying, it doesn’t present any dangers to you or your health. Ladybugs are extremely common and most of the United States see them every year. However, in central Texas families are dealing with a peculiar infestation – Asian lady beetles. They are not friendly at all either. They are a non-native species of beetles that look just like ladybugs.

Asian lady beetles are terrifying and dangerous because they try to feed on humans. “They have a habit of tasting things they land on,” University of Texas entomologist Dr. Alex Wild told KEYE. They originate from Japan and they first were introduced to the motherland in the 1960s to help with pest control. However, they are wreaking havoc on the homes of many families in Texas. They are attracted to illuminated surfaces like sunlit walls. The University of Kentucky Agriculture wrote that they come in autumn and they affect the overall quality of life and that they are such a nuisance.

When it starts to get cold outside Asian lady beetles take cover from the outside in your home. It is also strongly recommended to never squish an Asian lady beetle because they give off a noxious gas when squished. They also are said to leave a yellow stain on any surface they’re killed on. Many people have even reported that they are biting their pets and being bitten in the nighttime.

One Kansas dog known for chasing bugs started showing ill symptoms. He began to skip meals and sleep excessively. Concerned, his owner started to examine him only to see him start foaming at the mouth! There were 30 to 40 Asian lady beetles hanging on the roof of its mouth!