This is How Your Brain Physically Changes When You Consume Turmeric

by in Food, Health, Natural Cures July 4, 2017

Turmeric is an amazing spice that can be used to treat many different health ailments. Many people refer to it as the ‘cure all’ spice, but it has one powerful benefit that is often overlooked.

Turmeric has been proven to treat over 600 different health ailments and issues. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and can be used in a ton of different ways. It is most specifically known for its antioxidant content.  And it is prized for its color and earthy flavor in culinary traditions around the world. But – it has also been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years.

The benefits of turmeric are derived from the primary compound of the spice – curcumin. Curcumin is a common curcuminoid that can be used to treat many different things, including inflammation, arthritis, brain boosting, protecting the heart, and it even might be helpful in fighting against diabetes and cancer. But, new studies show that turmeric can physically change your brain for the better. Scientists studied aromatic turmerone, a fat-soluble component of turmeric. German researchers studied the effects of this compound on adult rats and its effects on neural stem cells.

They found that neural stem cells increased in number by as much as 80% when exposed to ar-turmerone. They witnessed the true healing abilities of this powerful compound when rats formed new brain cells in the subventricular zone and the hippocampus. These areas are where new neurons are formed, and they also noticed a size growth in both areas of the brain. Ar-turmerone is a regenerative that can aid neural stem cells in brain regeneration.

Researchers even believe that it could eventually lead to helping neural degenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Ar-turmerone can also differentiate stem cells into neurons, a major goal of regenerative medicine.

The studies suggest that curcumin can improve the overall memory of Alzheimer’s patients too. Many people resort to just using curcumin in order to obtain health benefits, but consuming turmeric as a whole can offer a wide range of therapeutic compounds curcumin might miss.