7 Dangerous Dish Soaps That Are Full Of Cancer-Causing Chemicals!

by in Home June 29, 2017

In today’s society, you have to be extremely careful about the things you keep in your house. A lot of household items can cause serious health issues because of the dangerous chemicals they contain.

Some of the most dangerous products in our house might seem to be the most harmless. One of which is dish soap; dish soap contains some hefty chemicals that can cause a world of health issues for you and your family. They contain toxic fragrances, formaldehyde, silicate salts, sulfuric acid, and ammonium sulfate. Needless to say, these aren’t any kind of chemicals you want your family washing their hands with.

Some of the most popular dish soap brands are the most infamous. They contain ingredients like formaldehyde. This dangerous chemical is used in the embalming of human corpses and more. It’s toxic and is present in many different household cleaners. According to research conducted by the Environmental Working Group, it can cause skin irritations and even cancer. It is known to cause respiratory issues such as asthma too. Researchers have additionally found that the use of formaldehyde in cleaning products can cause skin burns, eye damage, allergies, and general systemic organ defects.

Another toxic ingredient we see in common dish soaps is silicate salts. Silicate salts are added in dish soaps such as Palmolive, and can cause eye and skin irritations when consumed or inhaled. According to the FDA, silicate salts are classified as generally recognized as safe if added in low amounts. Researchers have also found traces of sulfuric acid in dish soaps such as Palmolive and Ajax. the EWG confirms that it has dangerous side effects and has been linked to allergies, skin irritation, eye damage, and dermatitis.

The Most Notorious Dish Soap Brands:

  • Dawn
  • Cucina
  • Alax
  • Meyers
  • Legacy of Clean
  • Palmolive
  • Johnson & Johnson

One of the most dangerous chemicals in dish soaps are derived from the fragrances they use. The fragrances irritate skin and your eyes. The environmental working group says you should avoid them at all costs. Long term exposure to these toxins can cause a world of health problems, and it is a much better idea to buy safe dish soap or make your own naturally!