Here’s A 7-Day No-Added-Sugar Meal Plan That’s Actually Doable

by in Food June 27, 2017

There are lots of reasons you might be looking to eat healthier. There are also tons of reasons you should do so. Eating healthier can have a tremendous impact on the way we feel, look, and age.

Getting in shape is often perceived to be a hard thing to do. These days, people are so extreme about everything. Getting in shape now requires the gym, and protein shakes, and muscle supplements, and daily intense workouts. This has caused people to believe that getting into shape is impossible, but it really isn’t. People are getting more and more unhealthy as we go along because of all the processed foods we are consuming. Processed foods are literally everywhere, and they can cause a wave of health complications. The bad thing is, we often consume processed foods unknowingly. The key to getting into shape is just cutting out the bad stuff.

There are tons of different diet plans and meal schedules, but they can be really complicated. Some diet plans are so complex you have a hard time understanding them and especially following one. Not only that, but they consist of very expensive foods. It doesn’t have to be that way. This diet will revolutionize your health, and it is budget friendly. The meals are made with whole foods, not processed foods. They also contain no added sugar. Some brands add sugar in products such as rice and bread, not the naturally occurring sugar in fruits.  

The foods in this diet aim for a trio of protein, fats, and carbs. It consists of colorful foods that are nutrient rich. You also see some plant based and animal based proteins. The diet was additionally designed to be affordable and easy. It doesn’t take up time and anyone can do it. The meal plan will make you cut down on expenses, prep time, and cleanup too! It only takes one week, what are you waiting for?

Week One

Week one includes seven breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. You can get it all for about $60-65 dollars! You can see the printable grocery list here.

Day 1 

Taylor Miller / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

Strawberry balsamic breakfast toast, a veggie-loaded frittata; and a Thai-inspired rice bowl.

Day 2

Taylor Miller / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

Oatmeal with fruit and peanut butter; a hearty vegetarian pita; and spiced turkey tossed with fresh greens, crunchy carrots, and brown rice.

Day 3  

Taylor Miller / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

Peanut butter and banana toast; leftover veggie frittata; and black bean tacos stuffed with roasted sweet potatoes, pico de gallo, and Greek yogurt crema

Day 4

Taylor Miller / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

Fried egg breakfast tacos; veggie-loaded pita with homemade tzatziki sauce; and a colorful banh mi bowl.

Day 5

Taylor Miller / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

Breakfast quinoa bowl; power salad with fiber-rich sweet potatoes, spinach, and balsamic; and whole wheat pasta with lemon kale chicken.

Day 6

Taylor Miller / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

Fried egg breakfast tacos; Southwestern quinoa bowl with homemade Pico de gallo; and one-pan chicken and kale hash.

Day 7

Taylor Miller / Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

Almond milk oatmeal with fruit; leftover chicken and kale hash; and chilled Thai-style noodles.

Here is a step by step meal prep routine to help you on your journey.