Vagina Smells and What They Mean

by in Health June 16, 2017

Your vagina will always have a scent whether it is pleasant or not. Even when our hoo-has are healthy they still produce an odor.

The smell of our vaginas depends on several factors and of course, no two vaginas have the same exact scent. Strong and musky scents usually come about when we are overly sweaty down there and the dreaded fishy smell tends to occur when we are dealing with an infection of some kind. There is an explanation for each and every vaginal smell we encounter.

Now if your hoo-ha smells well, foul and is producing an out of the normal color discharge you obviously may need to get tested for an STD the same goes for a sour puss. It really isn’t rocket science you guys. You may even notice a metallic smell when you are about to get your period. That is because of the iron in your blood that is about to come to the light.

Typically if the odor is overwhelming or bad it is good to see a doctor to determine your root issue so that something can be done about it. There is no shame in having vaginal smells. We all have them and we always will. So long as you maintain your vaginal health you have nothing to worry about. If you think you are having a problem with your vaginal odor or if you’re uncomfortable about it please take the time to watch the video below.