Hormones in Your Milk (Even Organic) Are Turning Men into Women

by in Food June 15, 2017

Everyone can appreciate a good glass of milk, especially in combination with some of your favorite cereal. However, studies show that commercial milk producers are hiding hormones in their products!

Just like basically every commercial food product out there, milk has been contaminated too. For some odd reason, business CEO’s think that it is such a great idea to add dangerous chemicals and growth hormones to all their products just to save a dollar or two. Infuriating as it is, they get away with it too. New studies suggest that commercial milk products can affect your estrogen levels, even if you’re a man!

Most people assume that estrogen is just produced in women, but that would be wrong. Men produce estrogen too. It is a class of hormones that affect the reproductive system and other physiological functions of men and women. Low estrogen levels might affect a man’s fetal production, metabolism, and risks of acquiring chronic diseases. Just like humans, cows naturally produce estrogen and pass it on through their milk.

According to Ganmaa Davaasambuu, a physician, and scientist at the Harvard School of Public Health, dairy products account for 60 to 80 percent of the estrogen consumed in the typical American diet. Drinking large quantities of cow’s milk may significantly increase your estrogen levels. These hormones in milk have the potential to increase your risk of prostate cancer and reduce fertility, according to Davaasambuu. It isn’t just dairy cows either. You can even find estrogen-like hormones in soy milk too. Researchers say that regularly drinking soy milk with these estrogenic-like compounds can raise your risk of acquiring prostate cancer.

One specific case study from 2011 was a case in which a nineteen-year-old male experienced not only loss of libido, but erectile dysfunction as well. Why? Well, he had recently consumed a lot of soy products. The study was published in the July and August issue of Nutrition.

Although commercial milk producers have ruined yet another tasty beverage, milk is still good for you. We need to consume it because it is an excellent source of calcium, vitamin D, and protein. You don’t have to throw out your milk in fear of acquiring erectile dysfunction, just buy an organic brand! Maybe a little bit more expensive, but it will be well worth it in the end.