10 Things That Will Happen to Your Body if You Start Eating 2 Eggs a Day

by in Food June 15, 2017

No matter what you like to have for breakfast, eggs have always been a family favorite in the mornings. They might just be more beneficial than you think too!

Eggs have recently been given a bad connotation because of high cholesterol fears, but new studies show that they are actually pretty beneficial for you. In fact, they might even be a superfood! The recent study outlines the positive benefits you’ll obtain just by eating 2-3 eggs a day!

You might already be suspicious because eggs are high in cholesterol. But, don’t worry. While eggs are indeed high in cholesterol, they do not adversely affect your blood cholesterol levels. A single egg contains 212 mg of cholesterol, which is over half the recommended daily intake, but that doesn’t mean an egg breakfast is going to cause your cholesterol levels to spike. In fact, your liver naturally produces cholesterol. When you eat eggs, your liver will just produce less so everything evens itself out. They are also known to increase HDL, which is good cholesterol!

HDL stands for High-Density Lipoproteins, and it is known as good cholesterol. People with higher levels of HDL typically have a lower risk of acquiring heart disease or experiencing any other cardiovascular complications such as stroke and heart attack. One study even showed that two eggs per day for six weeks increased Hdl levels by 10%! But raising your good cholesterol levels and supplying you with adequate protein are not the only benefits of eggs. In fact, just eating two eggs per day can have these 10 effects on your body!

10 Things that Happen to your Body After Eating Two Eggs:

They contain biotin and vitamin B12 which will make your hair, nails, and skin look amazing.

They slow down the production of the body’s own cholesterol by using Phosphatides.

They can stimulate weight loss because they are full of proteins, and have no carbohydrates.

The Choline present in eggs can help fight cancer. In one study, women who ate eggs every day had an 18% decreased the chance of developing breast cancer.

They contain Folic acid, which is amazing for starting a family.

They give you a boost of energy because they contain up to si grams of protein and only 70 calories!

The choline present in eggs can increase your liver function.

Eggs contain high levels of lutein and Zeaxanthin antioxidants so they are amazing for your eyes.

They protect your bones because they have massive amounts of vitamin D.

They make you eat less because they fill you up faster.