The Sleeping Beauty Diet? This Trend is Dangerous and Putting People at Serious Risk

by in Health, Other June 13, 2017

Women and men alike are all pressured to be the ‘perfect’ weight. This is causing some people, mostly women, to go to a whole new extreme in order to shed some pounds.

This new trend involves abusing sleeping medication in order to sleep up to twenty hours a day, thus keeping them from eating. While we most commonly think of eating disorders as limited to anorexia and bulimia this could be seen as such. This is something that has become quite popular across websites encouraging anorexia.

In order to force themselves into sleeping for days at a time these women are taking as many sedatives and pills as they can get their hands on. These women are becoming addicted to these pills and also putting themselves at risk of overdose. Oversleeping is something that can have very serious side effects. It could lead to things like depression dementia, and in some cases heart attacks. Nothing good is coming from this trend.

Women on their last leg desperate for weight loss say that taking these pills even helps them to curve their hunger. It is being referred to as the “Sleeping Beauty Diet.” Dr. Tracery Wade (reported by Broadly) says that these people will have to continue using higher and higher doses in order to be able to sleep as time progresses. This is definitely an easy way to lose weight but the weight is not the only thing they are losing.

Just because it involves no effort does not mean it is something we should be doing. On the surface, it sounds like the perfect plan but in the hours you are awake, you will be very hungry and disoriented. There is no actual evidence of this even working though lots of women swear by it.

If you or someone you know is suffering from an eating disorder please get help or help them to get help. The sooner the better, with this sort of issue. We should all learn to love ourselves in this world. How terrifying does this sound to you? Please look for the signs in people you love. If you think someone may be abusing sleeping medication do your best to help them through the situation.