Your Cough Syrup May Be Getting You Pregnant

by in Other May 19, 2017

Women across the globe are having trouble conceiving children. This is a much more common issue than you would think.

There are many couples who do the unthinkable to get their baby makers going. However, the answer to getting knocked up might be a lot closer than we thought. Findings have shown that your cough syrup might be able to help get you pregnant.

The name of the ingredient believed to be responsible for this is guaifenesin. That meaning medicines like Mucinex, Robitussin, and Tylenol cold and flu might be able to help kick your mommy clock in gear. The reasoning behind this is that the Guaifenesin can create and thin cervical mucus down under and even help the body to produce a wetter cervical mucus.


For those who don’t already known cervical mucus is needed when trying to get pregnant because it helps the sperm make it through the female cervix. It provides the best mucus for the sperm to reach the egg. This is currently considered the least effective treatment when it comes to aiding conception but is without a doubt one of the most simple.

If you decide this is a route you want to try to make sure you know when you are ovulating and take two teaspoons of this medication three times per day during the expected ovulation time, and of course, get it on as much as possible. Be aware of the other ingredients of what you are taking and make sure you do proper research beforehand. Who knew that tickle you get in the back of your throat each time you take cough medicine could be the key to having the baby you always wanted?