Eye-Opening Evidence: Baking Soda & Coconut Oil Can Kill Cancer

by in Health, Natural Cures May 19, 2017

As we learn more about the causes behind the various types of cancer, the quest for a natural treatment has intensified, with both scientists and cancer patients spending more time than ever researching and testing the different theories that exist. From turmeric to cannabis oil, the time and effort being put into these natural alternatives has intensified drastically in recent years.

One of these theories that has shown miraculous results has been the use of baking soda. Cancer tumors grow and thrive in acidic environments, so the use of a highly alkaline option for treatment creates an unwelcome environment where they are unable to prosper.

Baking Soda and Coconut Oil – A Success Story!

One great success story is that of Kyneret Azizo’s mother. Azizo is a well known, and respected, writer and advocate of the use natural remedies. Her mother was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, a skin cancer, with the lesions located upon the crown of her head.

Azizo’s mother initially went with the surgical treatment options, having 3 separate surgical procedures to remove the cancerous cells. Each time the cancer returned, stronger than it had been prior to the procedure. Frustrated, and running out of options, she agreed to listen to Azizo’s advice and implement a natural option with the use of baking soda.

It is important to note that this is baking soda, not baking powder being used. Often confused, baking powder contains aluminum, unless otherwise noted upon the packaging.

Azizo’s mother had read about the skin cellular regenerative powers associated with coconut oil, and decided to make one change to the recommended baking soda/water paste, mixing the oil with baking soda instead. She would make the paste and apply it directly to the cancerous lesions, without rubbing it in, and allow it to sit. After the wound closed she would also tape a cotton ball soaked in vinegar to the spot, which helped the baking soda to penetrate to the roots of the basal cell carcinoma, deep below the skin’s surface. She carried out this regiment for 38 days.

During this time the only pharmaceutical that she would use was an antibiotic ointment – Polysporin Triple 3 Antibiotics – which she would apply at night. This was used to prevent any chance to bacterial infection that may occur from the open wound that she initially had. This is only required until such time that the wound itself closes, at which point she continued the baking soda/coconut oil paste.

As shown in this picture, the results speak for themselves!

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Vernon Johnston’s Dramatic Story

Five years after his own battle with cancer, Vernon Johnston wrote a book sharing his personal account of how he was able to beat cancer using a series of natural treatment options. He employed a combination of a baking soda treatment protocol coupled with breathing exercises designed to increase oxygen deliver to the cancerous cells, exposure to a lot of sunlight, and a healthy plant based diet.


You can read Johnston’s story in his own words, as well as learn more about his ebook “Vernon’s Dance with Cancer: After the Jolt” here.

Originally diagnosed with stage III prostate cancer through the Veteran’s Administration (VA) system, his cancer soon metastasized in this hip area, qualifying the disease as stage IV. He was still in the middle of the doctor and specialist appointments that follow an initial diagnosis, determining his next steps for treatment, when one of his sons recommended that he look into the research regarding the use of alkaline substances that would impact the cancer on a cellular level.

Short in cash, and equally short in time with his disease still spreading, Johnston used a mixture of baking soda and black-strap molasses. The molasses acted as the Trojan Horse sugar bait, opening the cancer cells to the alkaline properties of the baking soda, which would alkalize the environment, in turn killing off the cells.

Less than two weeks after beginning this treatment Johnston was scheduled for his next bone scan. The scan showed that there was no evidence of spreading cancer within his body. His PSA dropped from 22 to 5, and then down to 0.1 over the course of the treatment.

Johnston is now in good health and cancer free, and spends his time delivering lectures and sharing his story for all who wish to hear it.

Why Does it Work?

The key to the success of the baking soda regiment is the ability of the substance to produce alkalinity within the body’s acid-alkaline buffer. There are only a select number of alkaline substance that have this ability, meaning that you can’t rely on just any alkaline substance, such as alkalized water, to poos the body’s inner PH. Baking soda is both an alkaline substance, and alkaline producing.


Dr. Mark Sircus has written a book, “Sodium Bicarbonate –  Full Medical Review”, on the use of baking soda for cancer and other ailments. This former physician changed his focus form that of the pharmaceutical world to studying and practicing natural alternative health.

His use of baking soda differs slightly from those listed above. Instead of applying a paste topically, he flushes a baking soda solution directly into the blood vessels that feed the cancerous tumors.

His study of the use of baking soda focuses on the substance’s anti-fungal properties. He subscribes to the controversial claim that cancer is produced by fungal colonies. This believe led to the removal of his physician certification in Italy.

While this study is still new, and often questioned in the medical community, it deserves serious study and consideration in order to fully understand the effects that baking soda has on cancer cells. Further testing, and a large case study, should be completed to obtain a deeper understanding of its impact.