Leave A Glass of Water with Salt and Vinegar in Your Home and See Unbelievable Changes in 24 Hours!

by in DIY May 17, 2017

Our homes are very important to us, we all want to feel comfortable and safe in them, right? For me my home is without a doubt my safe place, it is where I can go when everything is happening all wrong and feel okay.

That being said, sometimes our homes are not positive environments and end up making us more depressed or filling us with negative energy in general. This can and will happen without any reason in particular. Have you ever felt like something was not quite right in your home? Maybe, like a dark presence was lingering that you couldn’t place?

This might be because your safe place isn’t so safe. Bad energy has accumulated in your home and began affecting you in ways you didn’t realize it could. Your emotions and your health, everything is different.

If you are feeling depressed or overly sad your house is likely surrounded by negative energies that you need to get rid of. This is something most people do not think about and so it goes unnoticed and is ignored, to say the least. If you think your home may be riddled with negative energies you need to try the ‘remedy’ below to get rid of it.

Negative Energy Remedy:

Things Needed:


  • Mix all of these things together and then allow them to sit for a whole 24 hours.
  • Place the glass in an area where you spend the most time as it will be the most negative area. .
  • Check the solutions reaction to this whether the water rises or even overflows.
  • After a full 24 hours wash the glass with clean water and do the whole thing over again until you are feeling an improvement.

This works because Himalayan salt is perfect for removing negative energies from your home. You can even soak in it in a tub if you want to get rid of your own negative energies. Give this a try and let us know how it goes.