The Way You Sit Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

by in Other May 14, 2017

30% of communication is verbal and 70% is non-verbal! Body language dominates our conversations, without us realizing it! The way that you sit can reveal a lot about your personality, what does it reveal about you? 

Your sitting posture indicates intentions from your deep subconscious. This form of communication is categorized under Microexpression’s which involves hand gestures, facial expressions, voice tone, and posture. 

  • Position A – This personality type tends to brush the past behind them, not realizing the negative impact to their future from unresolved issues. When issues don’t resolve on their own they tend to point the finger to another, instead of facing themselves. They are flexible in thought, creative, charismatic, friendly and a bit immature. Be aware these people are going through their growing process. 
  • Position B – You may catch this personality type drifting off into ‘la la land’, they are full of ideas and dreams. They love to travel, explore and meet new people. They are considered the glue of the group with their magnetic presence, they are very charismatic and easy to befriend. Having a clear mind, setting new goals and executing them is a forte of this personality. Very spontaneous people, whose motto is “new information new decision”. 
  • Position C – Unable to stay focused on one item, they tend to go off topic in conversation. They find it difficult to see things through to completion and live in a sort of chaotic state. Things seem to have no order in their room yet they know exactly where everything is located. They value comfort, clothes must feel smooth to the touch, and this extends into their relationships, making them picky.  
  • Position D – Stickler for maintaining punctuality they are very detail oriented people. Sensitive, intelligent, empathetic, private they prefer to maintain the peace rather than resolve an issue. Uncomfortable in public they dislike public displays of affection, expressing emotions, and portray themselves as strong individuals. They are constantly on guard and any critic towards them is responded with reject and negativity. 
  • Position E – Living in time is natural for this personality as they feel everything has its place and time. They do not rush and maintain focus on long-term goals, finishing school and establishing a career is important to them. Very persistent to the point of stubbornness they listen to their own voice, which is rare to find. They have strong leadership qualities, however reminding them their way is not the only way is helpful. Highly aware of the impression they make, appearance is important to them and they invest a lot of time perfecting their image. Deep in their subconscious, they hide their triggers as they are very careful who they open up to.