Mothers Need One Year For Recovery After Giving Birth, Study Reveals

by in Health May 8, 2017

Being a mother is one the most gratifying things on the planet; however, it is also one of the most difficult. Especially the giving birth part. In fact, a new study reveals that mothers need at least one year to recover after giving birth!

Giving birth is no joke! Pushing a baby out of there is an extremely painful procedure, and as a man, I can not think of anything that would feel more painful than that. So, Kudos to you ladies, because I could not do it; and I’m grateful every day that I will not have to! However, that doesn’t mean billions of women give birth every year, and a new study reveals they deserve a little more time off from work after giving birth.

According to the Daily Mail, Dr. Julie Wray of Salford University interviewed with several pregnant women in different stages of pregnancy. She interviewed women who were two to three weeks, three months, and six to seven months. She did this in order to get a firsthand experience on how difficult the recovery from giving birth is.

Dr. Julie Wray found that women who give birth need at least one year of recovery time before continuing normal daily tasks. Her study also revealed that mothers are highly dissatisfied with the services they’re offered at the hospital after giving birth. Women were also extremely dissatisfied with the six week recovery time set about my most doctors. They say it is a mere fantasy that they could have recovered in that amount of time.

After giving birth, the mother is allowed to leave the hospital after six to eight hours. That is less than a normal work shift. Many women are getting angered about this and are requesting reform. What do you think?