Warm Vs. Cold Water: One Of Them Is Damaging To Your Health

by in Food, Health May 4, 2017

You might start your day off with a cup of hot coffee, and although it does provide that essential extra boost of energy to get you throughout the day, it’s actually not good for you. In fact, you should rather be drinking a cup of warm water in the morning time.

Coffee tastes amazing, and sometimes it is the very thread that gets us through the mornings. However, it really isn’t a wise decision to start off your mornings with a cup of Joe. As Dr. Walter C. Willett of Harvard School of Public Health says, “Coffee is an amazingly potent collection of biologically active compounds.” Like any food-like substance, coffee has far-reaching effects on the body and needs to be respected as a potent drug. Coffee is by no means bad for you, however it shouldn’t be drank excessively. You should also have food in your stomach before drinking the Joe.

Instead of drinking a cup of coffee every morning, you should instead drink a cup of warm water. There are many benefits to be gained by drinking warm water in the mornings. For starters, it improved digestion throughout the day. The warm water flushes out all the excess gunk from the previous day. It also stimulates the digestive system to be more productive. However, drinking cold water after a meal has quite the opposite effect. It can actually decrease your digestive health.

Drinking warm water in the mornings additionally prevents constipation – which nobody wants to experience. It helps improve intestinal movements by stimulating digestion. That’s not all either; drinking warm water in the mornings can also relieve aches and pains! This is because the heat from the water has a calming effect throughout the body, helping relieve aches, pains, and muscle cramps!

Coffee is fantastic, just drink it after breakfast! If you really want to feel better, drink a cup of warm water. You’ll be more productive throughout the entire day!