Want to Quit Smoking? This Herb Instantly Destroys Your Desire For Nicotine (and How to Grow It)

by in Natural Cures May 2, 2017

Cigarettes are super unhealthy and overly addictive. They are addictive because of the nicotine in them, I’m sure you most likely already knew that.

It is really hard for some people to quit smoking because of how addictive nicotine really is. For those people, they may think there is no hope of ever quitting but it can be done. You see, the moment you stop smoking your body will notice the change and lack of nicotine. This will cause a reaction. You will deal with withdrawal and become restless, to say the least.

This natural herb can help you fight off your cigarette addiction, it is called Stevia. This herb was originally found in South America and Paraguay. It is sweet tasting and has been used as a sweetener for quite some time now.

All you need to do is put a few drops in your mouth when you’re craving a cigarette. In doing this you will reduce your desire to smoke and gradually will no longer need it at all. You can buy Stevia in liquid or powder form in most ‘health stores.’ It has been used for a number of things including hypertension.

It is a sub-tropical plant and is actually quite easy to grow though if you would like to go that route. If you want to plant some in your home all you will need is a 12-inch flower pot and some good quality soil. Make sure you put the plant in a place where it will get some sunlight and add water as needed. Stevia grows well when the soil is loose and well-drained. The plants are beautiful and can reach heights of up to three whole meters. Stevia can work wonders on most people however those with an insulin issue should avoid it as well as other sweeteners as they can decrease your sensitivity to insulin.

Remember that if your pot does not have proper drainage the roots will end up rotting and your plant will die. When your Stevia plant begins producing flowers trim them off. This will make it grow more leaves. In the late part of fall, these leaves will be the sweetest and should be trimmed off and dried in the sun. Once they are dry use a food processor to grind them up nicely. You can then put them in a glass container and use it in your food and drinks as needed to sweeten them or put a pinch on your tongue when you feel like smoking. Enjoy!