Spirit Food: Healing The Root Chakra

by in Food, Spirituality May 2, 2017

Once you unlock your chakras, you open up a world of endless possibilities. The chakras hold an important role in the way you feel, act, and live.

Chakras are another word for saying energy points. Your body has many, actually hundreds, of energy points all throughout itself. However, there are 7 main chakras and each of them carries out a specific role. The chakras begin at the base of your spine and each one is color coordinated. The first chakra, at the base of your spine, is red. It is referred to as the root chakra, and once you have it in balance it can align the rest of your chakras! Once you have the root chakra in balance you will experience an overall improvement in mood, performance, and happiness.

When your root chakra is out of balance it brings about a whole world of negative side effects. If you are a sufferer of endless depression and anxiety, it is likely that your root chakra needs some attention. It can also cause you to feel like you’re barely scraping by and are unable to survive. Another large indicator of your root chakra being out of balance is consistent negative self-talk. If you’re always talking yourself don and criticizing yourself, try balancing the root chakra.

There are many ways that one can balance the root chakra. Meditation and mindful breathing are two of the most common approaches to aligning the chakras. You can additionally balance the chakras by using aromatherapy by essential oils. Essential oils have powerful spiritual abilities and can be a wonderful aid to your root chakra. However, if you are not an experienced meditator, you can always eat mindfully. There are certain foods that are known to help balance the root chakra. They make a pretty tasty meal too!

When you are trying to eat mindfully, you should always start out with eating protein. Protein strengthens the physical body and has amazing grounding effects. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium are also extremely beneficial to the root chakra. Aside from protein and minerals, you will also want to include red colored fruits and veggies and root veggies! Root veggies are especially important because they grow in the roots of the earth!

If you can’t seem to find relief using pharmaceuticals you aren’t alone. In fact, most people get very little results out of them. Instead, try focusing on your spiritual self and aligning your chakras! Starting with the root chakra you will soon find yourself relieved of worldly stress.