6 Major Heart Attack Red Flags You Need to Know!

by in Health April 30, 2017

Sometimes heart attacks are a lot less dramatic than how they are portrayed to be. Some are even silent and happen with no clear signs at all.

This makes it very important for us to pay attention to all of the possible signs rather than just the obvious ones. Not everyone falls to the ground clutching their chest. If you notice the following signs you may be having a heart attack or heart failure in general and should consult your doctor immediately.


For most it begins with a pain in the chest that grows towards to back shoulders and other areas, however, for other people, there is either no pain at all or pain in places like the arms or shoulder blades. This is a pain that can come and go as well, it does not have to be constant.


Some people will cough up things like blood and phlegm while others will simply deal with a constant nagging cough. This is sometimes a symptom of heart failure. It is one of the most important symptoms to pay attention to.


Having an anxiety attack right before a heart attack is actually a lot more common than you would think. Some people who are having anxiety attacks even confuse their issue with a real heart attack. When it comes to panic attacks they should be dealt with as soon as possible with or without the heart attack that may follow.


Heart failure can and will cause fluid to accumulate in the body. It can cause swelling in places like the abdomen, legs, ankles, and feet. In some cases, it will even look like sudden weight gain. For some reason, it is often accompanied by a loss of appetite.


Lots of people dealing with heart failure have reported feeling lightheaded for a long period of time.

Cold sweat

While this is one of the more common signs it is one that should never be ignored. This can be a dead on indicator that you are having a heart attack especially coupled with chest pain.

Regardless of the signs if at any point in your life if you think you may be dealing with a heart attack or heart failure, in general, do not hesitate to see a doctor. Pay close attention to the things above because while they are not symptoms everyone gets they can and do happen. Stay happy and healthy!