New Study: Cheese is Just as Addictive as Hard Drugs

by in Other, Video April 28, 2017

A recent study has brought something quite interesting to light. How hard is it to give up cheese?

According to this study, cheese is literally just as addictive as hard drugs. Kind of explains why the average American eats at least 30 pounds of cheese a year, right? Dairy (cheese) contains a chemical that is similar to morphine when we digest it the casein in it releases something known as casomorphins. These belong to the opioid family.

Now, the presence of these casomorphins is highly concentrated in cheese derived from cows. This being about ten times the amount of what would be found in human breast milk. When you consider the purpose of milk it seems to make sense for these casomorphins to be addictive. What better way to not only provide nourishment but establish a strong connection between mother and growing infant?

Cutting down on dairy products, in general, is a great idea given the overall dangers that come with how we mass produce things in this day and age. The antibiotics and growth hormones being used on the cows producing this milk can be found in trace amounts in our dairy products. These poor animals are forced to live in disgusting unfit conditions and never get to live a proper life. (Click here for more on those poor cows and other factory farmed animals.)

When you really think about it should we be drinking milk from another animal when we produce milk ourselves? It is a bit disgusting when you really think about it. Most people cannot process dairy properly anyway and it, in the end, causes more problems than it is worth.  For more information on this please take the time to watch the video below.