Study Finds That Stevia Fights Lyme Disease Pathogen Better Than Antibiotics

by in Health, Natural Cures April 27, 2017

Lyme disease is a serious health condition that nobody wants to experience it is usually transported to humans by the black-legged tick!

Getting rid of Lyme disease has always been a bit tricky, however, stevia, a sugar substitute, has proven to be able to treat it better than pharmaceuticals!


Typical symptoms of Lyme disease include headaches, fever, fatigue, and a skin rash. It is commonly diagnosed upon the arrival of symptoms, but it if is left untreated, the infection can spread all throughout your body. While most cases can be solved with a few weeks of antibiotics, new studies show that stevia can treat it even better!

Stevia originates from a plant that is part of the Bertoni family. It grows in Paraguay and brazil, but nowadays stevia is part of the growing sugar substitute market. It offers a sweetened taste, without all the health issues that sugar poses. It has no calories and it is 200 times sweeter than sugar. Other studies have shown that it is effective in reducing blood sugar and cholesterol levels. But, how can it treat Lyme disease?

The study was published in the European Journal of Microbiology and immunology. The study was titled, “Effectiveness of Stevia Rebaudiana Whole Leaf Extract Against the Various Morphological Forms of Borrelia Burgdorferi in Vitro”. It was conducted by researchers at the department of Biology and Environmental Sciences at the University of New Haven, in West Haven, Connecticut.

In the study, they found that the antimicrobial effects of stevia have a direct effect on Lyme disease. It was examined next to Doxycycline, cefoperazone, daptomycin, and other drugs used to treat Lyme disease. Results showed the stevia leaf extract was effective against all bacteria forms in the study.

The study showed that stevia worked against even the most antibiotic resistant cases. It will need more clinical studies and investigate, but stevia seems to be a reasonable treatment for Lyme disease!