The Oil That Removes Uric Acid From The Blood, Cures Anxiety And Stops Alcohol And Cigarette Cravings

by in Health, Natural Cures April 23, 2017

Black pepper is amazing in basically every food. It adds that extra little spice that every dish needs, but did you know it’s extremely healthy for you?

It’s true, black pepper is amazingly healthy for your body. Whether you’re dousing your salad in it, inhaling the aromatic goodness, or applying it topically, you are sure to get some kind of benefits from black pepper! It is good for so many things, and it tastes great. If you suffer from arthritis, anxiety, digestive issues, or sinus issues, black pepper is the one for you. It can help all of those health ailments and more. One of the most amazing benefits of black pepper is that it can cure a cigarette addiction.

Black pepper has been proven to reduce cigarette cravings and anxiety. It is the perfect natural ingredient to help you stop smoking! This was investigated in a 1994 study published in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence Journal. They found that black pepper essential oil can reduce cigarette cravings and certain withdrawal symptoms! 48 smokers participated in the study. One group puffed on a device that delivered vapor from black pepper essential oil, while the second group puffed on a device with a menthol cartridge, and the third had an empty cartridge.

After puffing on the devices reported cravings for cigarettes were significantly reduced in the black pepper group after the session! This is truly amazing because cigarettes are claiming more and more lives every day. This isn’t the only thing black pepper can do either. It is also an excellent detoxifier! It creates a warming sensation when applied topically which increases sweating. It is also a fantastic diuretic and increases urination. It decreases the number of excess fluids and water your body is retaining.

Black pepper has already won me over. The fact that it can reduce cigarette cravings is more than enough to get it’s medicinal credit. However, that’s not all. It can also reduce arthritis significantly. It has warming anti-inflammatory properties that reduce muscle and joint pain significantly. It is said that black pepper essential oil works to reduce muscle injuries, the effects of tendonitis, and arthritis and rheumatism.

No matter what issue you’re suffering with, black pepper is sure to give you some kind of result. It can additionally be used as an appetite stimulant, IBS relief, lower cholesterol, anti-cancer activity, antiviral properties, encourages circulation, and it can even be used as a food preservative. Black pepper is amazing! How are you going to use it?