Eye-Opener: Might Alzheimer’s Disease be ‘Food-borne’

by in Food, Health, Video April 14, 2017

There is an interesting link between a specific type of protein and diseases like Alzheimer’s. This protein is known as TDP-43.

The protein itself works in a similar way to a toxic infectious protein known as prions. Prions are responsible for the destruction of the brain when it comes to things like Mad Cow Disease. It has been found that close to half of the people suffering from Alzheimer’s have Prion-like proteins in their bodies. This is according to research that was published back in 2011. It could be possible that this TDP-43 is being transmitted through contaminated meat if you take into consideration how Prions move around.

As you know factory farmed animals do not eat a proper natural diet, and are fed things like genetically engineered grains mixed with antibiotics. This could be the recipe for out of control disease spread.The beef industry also feeds their animals something known as chicken litter which is a mix of chicken manure, dead chicken, feathers, and any spilled chicken feed. That can spread mad cow disease, but our government only has laws regarding whether cattle can be fed beef based products or not. They as you most likely already know, do the minimum for their country.

Now as people if we eat contaminated meat we contract what is known as the human version of Mad Cow, Variant Cruetzfeld-Jakob disease. This will slowly eat holes in your brain over the course of a few years. The idea that Alzheimer’s could be happening in a similar manner is at least a decade old. This could very well just be a slower acting form of Mad Cow in itself. The links between these two are overwhelming, to say the least.

When it comes to avoiding these things the best things you can do is choose your meats wisely. Always go for locally harvested, wild, or things of that sort. What do you think about all of this and does this make sense to you? For more on this please take the time to watch the video below.