Do You Ever Get An Itch Inside Your Ear? This Is What It Means and What You Can Do For It

by in Health, Home, Natural Cures April 13, 2017

We’ve probably all experienced it before; that stupid itch in the very bottom of your ear. You can’t get to it, the more you try it starts to hurt, and medications just make it worse…

Earaches can be caused by a multitude of different things. It’s typically just a buildup of earwax really deep inside your ear, but trying to get it can result in a damaged ear drum or worse. Earaches can be caused by other things too; such as grinding your teeth, sleeping on a hard surface, or wrongly positioned earphones. No matter what causes it, it’s purely annoying.

Ear aches and itchy ears can be caused by lots of things. One of the most common ways someone acquires it is from swimmer’s ear, also known as otitis Externa. When swimmer’s ear occurs, the skin ling of the ear canal is damaged or torn. Excessive moisture in the ear can also cause the lining to become soft, resulting in a tear.

Hydrogen peroxide is most likely going o be the most effective resource to fix that itchy ear. It’s super easy, inexpensive, and takes maybe 10 minutes! Just mix an equal amount of hydrogen peroxide and water. Warm oil is also a great way to get your ears unclogged. You can use natural and essential oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, or even tea tree oil.  When you’re using oil to clean out the hard to reach places in your ear, all you have to do is dilute the oil with water, and drop a few drops in your ear from a dropper. After a minute or two, tilt your head and it will come running out – along with the ear wax that’s been aggravating you for the past five years.

Regardless of what causes an ear infection, they’re all really annoying – and painful. Instead of using chemical based pharmaceuticals, you should instead use the natural remedies in which mother nature has supplied us with!