This Is the Dirtiest Body Part! Here is How to Clean It from Germs and Bacteria to Prevent Diseases

by in Health, Natural Cures April 12, 2017

Personal hygiene plays a huge role in our overall health. When someone is not demonstrating proper hygiene, they are at higher risk of getting sick. This is because they are hoarding germs and bacteria.

There are certain parts of our bodies that are typically dirtier than others. Our armpits are a great example. Because of the perspiration, the armpits will start to smell bad without being cleaned. However, the armpits aren’t what you need to address. Have you ever thought about what might be hiding inside your belly button?

The Navel – The Dirtiest Body Part

One of the most disgusting parts of our bodies is the Navel; why? Because most of us forget to clean it. The Belly button is full of germs and bacteria. Mainly due to its shape, the navel is more susceptible to collecting clothes fibers, dead skin, sweat, lotion, and soap. As a result, it is the perfect place for microorganisms to develop – leading to unpleasant odors, health issues and infections.

According to research performed at North Carolina State university, the belly button is home to over 67 different kinds of bacteria. If you don’t regularly clean your belly button, you can easily get sick. Your belly button can even get a yeast infection! Symptoms of belly button yeast infections include redness, itching, and a foul smell. Gross, I know, but we have to address the importance of cleaning your belly button.

How to Clean the Navel

If you’re looking to get some spring cleaning done in your belly button, look no further. There are tons of different ways to clean your belly button, but not all of them will properly eliminate all the bacteria that’s lodged in there. Saltwater works great! Just mix a tablespoon of salt with a cup of warm water! Rub it around in the belly button, and rinse it out.

Another great way to clean the navel is by using rubbing alcohol. Just take a cotton ball, dab it in some rubbing alcohol, and dab the insides of your belly button! If you regularly clean your belly button, you might even feel better!