30 Signs You’re A Spiritual Healer

by in Health, Spirituality April 12, 2017

Have you ever felt like you had an individual ability when it came to spiritual growing? You’re not quite able to identify it – not yet anyways, but you know it’s there. If you have, you’re not alone and you might have some intense healing abilities.

The human soul poses tons of mysteries for us. However, it is said that you can figure them all out along the journey of spiritual growth. The human soul has more powers than you think. We’re very special, and it’s not for just any reason either. If you find yourself becoming too involved in worldly things you end up with mountains of stress, anxiety, and pain. The world is a dark place, and you can absorb that darkness if you let yourself. It is easier than you think.

Each human soul is different. There are tons of theories, myths, ideology, and history that talks about powerful souls. Humans have found documents that are thousands of years old containing information regarding the human soul. Hell, we all know that. There are religions based off of this stuff. However, the history of the human soul, let’s talk about the present. Many people are forced to shut down their spiritual selves for the modern day world.

Because it is so easy to adjust and conform to the way society runs, however that doesn’t mean it’s the best idea. In fact, worrying about worldly things usually ends up with disaster, heartbreak even. Since the beginning of time, there have been individuals born with special abilities when it comes to the spiritual world. You might have them, and not even be able to identify the underlying route. However, you will have always felt it deep down.

I cannot tell you whether or not you have healing abilities, but I can share these signs that indicate your abilities. Don’t deny yourself of your spiritual powers. Even if you aren’t a healer, practicing mindful healing is beneficial to anyone.

  1. You are highly sensitive to energy.
  2. You feel other people’s emotions and physical ailments as your own (empath).
  3. You are intuitive and can read others very easily.
  4. You are a “big picture” thinker (and don’t concern yourself too much with the details).
  5. You have gone through bouts of existential depression.
  6. You have felt like an outcast for most of your life.
  7. You think differently from others.
  8. You get overwhelmed in public easily.
  9. You have struggled with anxiety or panic before.
  10. You are the natural peacemaker between people.
  11. You are the confidant that people turn to in times of need.
  12. You experience digestive issues, lower back pain or gain weight around the stomach (solar plexus Chakra disorders).
  13. You feel drained after spending too much time around people
  14. Sensitive beings like animals and children gravitate towards you.
  15. Other people tend to “dump” their emotional baggage onto you to deal with.
  16. You think in shades of grey rather than in black and white.
  17. You are very aware of the interconnectedness of life and deeply respect it.
  18. You believe in synchronicity more than coincidences.
  19. You have a history of healers in the family, e.g. nurses, psychologists, massage therapists
  20. You’ve experienced a major trauma in your life, e.g. loss of your family, life-threatening illness, near death experience, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, war, mental illness.
  21. You’ve gone through a spiritual awakening.
  22. You’ve experienced the dark night of the soul.
  23. You tend to use the right side thinker more than a left side thinker.
  24. You experience chronic pain in your body or an autoimmune disease (energetic blockages).
  25. You are EMF sensitive (electromagnetic hypersensitivity).
  26. You tend to attract people who need “fixing” but often get trapped in self-sacrificing roles.
  27. You’re an excellent and compassionate listener.
  28. You are naturally drawn towards healing professions that help others experience balance and wholeness.
  29. You can feel, distinguish between and alter the energy within and without yourself.
  30. You have had numerous mystical experiences.