Edible Film Made From Essential Oils can Protect Foods Better Than Plastic

by in Food, Health, Video March 31, 2017

Of course, we have known for quite some time now that we need to ditch the plastic products, however, this could make doing so much easier. This edible film is made from essential oils!

Not only is this edible film better for you than keeping the food in plastic it also does a much better job of keeping your food than the plastic has done in the first place. This amazing finding comes from researchers who have been hard at work in the Department of Food Technology at the Federal University of Vicosa in Brazil, it has since been published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

This edible film is made from the essential oils of oregano and clove. When tested it showed that they proved to keep foods longer than conventional plastics did. You see both of these essential oils are able to reduce the rigidity and increase the extensibility of the films. These oils are ideal because they lower the amount of yeast and mold in the sliced bread.

I am sure by now you are well aware of the dangers of plastic. Chemicals like BPA wreak havoc on our bodies and do a lifetime of damage. With the development of things like this well underway, we should be grateful for the hope we are being given for a better future. When it comes to protecting ourselves and the environment we will have to cut plastic out completely even if little by little.

For a little information on the dangers of plastic and the chemicals that products made from them can leach please take the time to watch the video below. There have been a lot of amazing things in the works in just the past few years, we can save this planet. Even if the starting point is something small like this. What do you think about these edible films?