Science Examined People Who Claim Not to Eat or Drink. What They Found is Mind-Boggling!

by in Health March 27, 2017

Breatharianism is generally the practice of living without food or water. This concept is something that has been around for thousands of years.

Being able to live without food or water sounds completely unrealistic and impossible when you think based off of modern day biology. Now, when we look back at cases of people who claim to not eat or drink being examined things get a bit hazy. For instance, Prahlad Jani a local of Ahmedabad, India who claims at the age of eleven the Hindu goddess Amba came to him and told him he no longer needed to eat food.

He claims to have been living in a cave since the 1970s and says for most of his life he has eaten nothing. This is something we would find strange because he is around 85 years old. Now, back in 2003, Jani was tested as well as in 2010 by a large team of doctors at the Sterling Hospital. He was monitored 24/7 during this time for a period of ten days and he did not eat or drink anything.

The strangest part though is that he did not show any psychological changes. He showed no signs of having been affected by the lack of food. This goes against everything we think we know about the nutritional requirements of the body as well as human psychology.

While these studies have encountered a lot of criticism the evidence appears to be overall very solid. We are now learning that fasting can be beneficial to our health depending on our bodies. So, could people like Jani really be onto something? Mark Mattson Chief of the Laboratory of Neuroscience at the National Institute on Aging spoke about fasting back in 2014. He went over how this practice has shown that it can aid in generating new stem cells, fighting cancer, and fighting several types of dementia.

When it comes down to the root, somethings we cannot explain just yet with science. If all signs say no and there is still something happening somehow, maybe we are wrong? What do you think about the possibility of being able to live without eating?

Could it be possible that the human body really can transmute ambient energy into nutrients? According to Dean Radin, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences we can do just that. Breatharianism is something that comes across as hard to wrap our heads around, however, in time we will understand these things more.
When it comes to things like this we should not try them at home minor fasts are fine as long as you take the time to understand what you are doing. There is much more going on other than simply not eating and drinking. The average person could die from trying to go without eating for such a long period. Just what is going on here?