This Animal Spreads a Rare Disease, Avoid It at All Costs!

by in Health March 25, 2017

An ancient disease has suddenly reappeared in the modern day world. A new case of this animal spread disease was diagnosed in Florida, and you’re going to want to avoid it at all costs!


The disease is called leprosy, and it is some serious business. Also referred to as Hansen’s Disease, leprosy is a slow growing infection caused by bacteria. It affects the nerves, eyes, skin, and the lining of the nostrils. While it can be cured with early diagnosis, it is usually deadly.

If left untreated, the nerve damage can result in paralysis of hands and feet. In very advanced cases, the person may have multiple injuries due to lack of sensation, and eventually, the body may reabsorb the affected digits over time, resulting in the apparent loss of toes and fingers. Corneal ulcers and blindness can also occur if facial nerves are affected. The most common indicator of the disease is when your skin starts to become lighter, or darker with dry and flaky texture.

Last year, there were 27 confirmed cases of leprosy in the Sunshine State – and five more cases were reported during the first five weeks of 2016. According to Joshi, the increase in cases is likely due to increased contact with armadillos. The nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) is one of the few creatures that can carry the bacterium that causes leprosy.