10 Body Signals That Point to Liver Damage

by in Health, Video March 21, 2017

The human body relies on the liver entirely; if it isn’t functioning well, the rest of your body isn’t either. The liver is arguably the most important part of the body, and if you have these symptoms your liver is in need of attention.

The liver is the largest internal organ in the body, coming in at about the size of a football. It is located in the upper right portion of your abdomen. It performs many essential tasks for the body. It filters the blood coming from the digestive tract. This is important because any foreign or dangerous chemical in your food will be caught before it is spread throughout the body. It also secretes the bile that is left over in the intestines. It makes proteins, cleans the blood, secretes bile, and needless to say, this thing is important.

However all of the hefty tasks performed by the liver it can become damaged over time. Especially considering all of the pharmaceuticals and toxic chemicals that are being pushed down our throats. Also, alcohol is literally poison for the liver. Excessive consumption can lead to a disease called Cirrhosis of the liver – and that is no fun. This can also be caused by viruses like Hepatitis A and B.

Thankfully, the liver will let us know if it isn’t feeling well. If you experience any of these symptoms, they are telling signs that your liver is suffering. If you’re a drinker you might need to lay off for a little while – at least to let the little guy recover.

  • Consistent Fatigue – If you are constantly fighting a snooze, then this is a telling sign. I’m not talking about being tired after a long day. I’m talking about being in a never ending state of restlessness. This can also be an indicator of many other health ailments, so consult with your doctor immediately.
  • Belly Pain – Stomach ache after stomach ache, do you relate? If you do, then it might be something more serious than some bad sushi. Typical liver pain is just below the ribcage.
  • Vomiting – vomiting is the body’s most natural way of telling us that something is not right. If you are finding yourself throwing your guts up on a regular basis then you should see a doctor.
  • Dark Urine – This is something we don’t usually pay too much attention to, however, the color of our urine matters. If you notice darker urine than usual there could be a serious issue going on inside your body.
  • Diarrhea – This is one of the first and most common symptoms associated with liver issues. Loose bowel movements are not something we should ignore. If you are dealing with this issue for more than a couple days you should see a doctor.
  • The Color Yellow – When waste builds up inside of your body and bile pigment begins moving into the bloodstream the whites of your eyes, as well as your skin, can become yellowish in color. This is a very serious sign of liver problems and should never be ignored.
  • Personality Changes – These toxins eventually can and will make their way to your brain. It will become more difficult to concentrate as this happens. You may have trouble remembering things or even notice a change in sleeping habits.
  • Bloated Ankles – Swelling will, of course, be in your stomach but it can occur in your ankles as well. This can be a sign of other health issues that are unrelated to your liver but still should involve a doctor visit. Only special testing will be able to determine if it is liver related or not.
  • Unexplainable Bruises – Your liver is something that produces the proteins needed for blood clotting. When it begins struggling to keep this up your protein levels will drop leaving you more susceptible to things like bruises and bleeding. You will bruise easily.
  • Swelling Of The Belly – As mentioned above your belly can swell. This is something that can be from liver issues. If you look and feel a few months pregnant but aren’t the issue is most likely your liver. If you notice pain that is a sign to get to a hospital as soon as possible. There is nothing to play about when it comes to your liver.

You don’t have to obsess over these things but it does pay to be aware of the things happening to your body. Liver issues are very serious and must be dealt with as soon as you notice them. A damaged liver doesn’t help anyone. We must do what it takes to keep our livers’ healthy and functioning properly. For information on how to maintain liver health please take the time to watch the video below.